Available product features


Welcome to the meeting

There are two important limitations in the fast-paced business world…Space and Time.

We offer you a solution that overcomes both.


Find a meeting room

Do you need a meeting room right now to discuss that important change in your project?

Simply tap the widget on your smart phone and the right meeting room will be booked for you. 


Exact Match

You can decide how many people it should be able to accommodate, for how much time you need the room, what equipment should it have and even select from the rooms you have identified as “favorites”.
Tweak all the criteria in settings and don’t worry about it again.


Best Match

Perhaps there are no rooms satisfying your exact needs?
Don’t worry. You will be offered the closest match available.


Book a meeting room

There is no need to take out your laptop when you enter a free meeting room, or to find out the room’s name and check its schedule. If the room is available, you will receive a message asking if you want to book it now.


Free that room!

If you booked a meeting room you aren't using you will receive a notification reminder. You may keep the room or clear the booking.

The automatic check-in feature prevents rooms from going unused.


Extend the meeting

Your meeting is going to end soon, but you still need that extra 15 minutes to close the talks? The system will know whether the meeting room is still available, and notify you, with the option to extend. Extend the meeting by simply tapping on the notification.


Your enterprise
resources at your

You can browse your company’s locations for the right meeting room, and feel at home during your business trip or visit.
Filters make it easy to select the room with the right resources and capacity, even when you aren’t in your own office.


Monitor and Interact

Meeting rooms are monitored, either with tablets or more affordable iBeacon tags.
Using iBeacon technology people are “sensed” when they enter meeting rooms, and they are accounted for.


Room support 

Did you arrive to your meeting, only to find a failing equipment, a messy room or just missing the hospitality requirements you asked for? With the tap of a button, you can reach out to the person responsible and get help.


The schedule
next to the
meeting room

The Monitor outside the room informs you about ongoing meetings in order to avoid interruptions.
You can quietly check for other rooms available nearby.


Welcome to
the meeting

As you arrive to the meeting, the sensor automatically detects your phone and checks you in!
An iPad or an iBeacon tag will confirm your reservation and meeting rooms will not go unused.


Outlook add-in

Access meeting rooms availability from Outlook with our add-in.
No more checking rooms one by one, get instant status of rooms
available at your meeting time.
You can even access our add-in from your browser.


Activity Reports

And daily usage report emails


User engagement (Gamification)

Employees making good use of the system and acting as thoughtful colleagues, will be rewarded with complimentary badges of honor. This will ultimately enhance relationships between employees, and in turn foster a healthier work environment.

Centered around the user, Workibo acts as an intelligent system that automates the way your employees, spaces and technology interact.