How it works


The Meeting Rooms solution integrates into your current Exchange environment
There is no need to change your use of Outlook or client of choice, the solution is an add-on to your working system.

The smartphone applications will run on your employee’s personal mobile devices, in the BYOD system.
There is no need for new user accounts, your current mail credentials will work out of the box.

You can install iPad devices that will work with your current calendar system
There is no need to change your current Exchange installation.

You can use iBeacon tags for interaction with meeting rooms, for cost optimization
The installation of iPad devices is optional, think of them as iBeacon tags "with a view”.

How to install

you own your data


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Enterprise from Azure and SME


Download and install backend from Microsoft Azure store


Integrate with Office 365 Download and install the application for your mobile devices. 


Install iBeacons and/or the monitoring devices in your meeting rooms

Enterprise on-premise